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Light My Fear

Developer: James Bang

​​Experience ​the dark ambiance​ of Light My Fear. Help Hector Baltazar​ ​find his way back home ​by exploring gloomy environments where frightening shadows ​can ​emerge​ at any​time. Take control of Hector's torch by spinning it to light his surroundings ​and defeat dark enemies. ​What ever happens don't let the fear possess you.​ ​Runner games have never been th​is​ dark and immersive!​​​FEATURES (demo version)
★ 1​st gothic runner game ever★ combine runner and beat-them-all game​play​ (slash enemies coming from the dark​)​★ ​experience an ​unique ​​ambiance​ both ​​dark and stressful ​★ the player ​controls the light★ top notch and super easy controls​ (​Hector's torch reacts faithfully to player's gesture​)​ ★ 4 types of enemies in the demo, many more in the final version​
UPCOMING (final version)
• more environment​al​ themes• checkpoint system• true difficulty​ level​ for true gamers• many new enemies with unique behaviors• interaction with ​the ​environment• trigger distant traps• special temporary items • record play sessions and share on Youtube​
• preview in Italian by Salvo Pimpo's :• preview in French by Android Café :
​​"Light My Fear" is a game for tablets and smartphones​. It is currently ​under ​development​ and available ​to play ​​as a demo​.​ "Light My Fear"​ is ​​​being developed by​ ​James Bang, a french studio: For optimal ​performance, we advise to play Light My Fear on recent devices.
Go to our Facebook page to stay ​tuned​ in​ about the project's progress:
• soon a CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN ​will be launched to help us make ​this great gothic runner game! Be posted with fresh news about how we develop our game​• try our FREE DEMO on Android and ​iOS devices​​• get back to us with your comments and tell us what you would like to see and experience in the final game. YOUR FEEDBACK will be much appreciated​
See you soon...and keep the flame alive ;)
James Bang Team
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